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Recommended Book List of English Track
1A House for aHermit Crab
2Amelia Bedelia (any books from the series)
3Arthur (any book from the series)
4Berenstein Bears (any book from the series)
5Cam Jansen (any book in the series)
6Clifford (any book from the series)
7Cloud Book
8Diary of a Worm
9Frog and Toad (any book from the series )
10How I Became A Pirate Long,
11If you Give A … (any book in the series)
12Jamie O'Rourke And The Big Potato
13Junie B. Jones (any book in the series)
14Magic School Bus (any book in the series)
15Mister Seahorse
16Ramona (any book in the series)
17The Mitten
18The Hat
19The Very Hungry Caterpillar
20The Very Quiet Cricket

1Amber Brown:Forever
2A Little Princess
3Magic Tree House #16 Hours of the Olympics
4Billy Bear and the Wild Winter
5Ramona`s world
6The Adventures of Bobby Raccoon
7Hardy Boys:Hunting for Hidden Gold
8Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
9A Candy Apple Book: Callie For President
10The Wizard of Oz
11Mick Harte Was Here
12Pirate School:The Curse of Snake Island
13Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
14Junie B.Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
15Mysteries: March Mischief
16The Giant Germ
17The magic school bus:Chapter Book Insect Invaders
18Magic Pony Carousel:Star
19Magic Tree House #22 Revolutionary War on Wednesday
20Escape from everytown
21The boxcar children
22The Original adventures of hank the cowdog
23Color Day Relay
24Tooth Trouble
25The Indian In The Cupboard
26Ramona The Best
27Harry potter and the Cbamber of Secrets
28Geronimo Stilton:The Mouse Island Marathon
29Warriors the New Prophecy:Dawn
30Geronimo Stilton:The Wild,Wild West
31Ella Enchanted
32Hank the cowdog:the case of the missing cat
33The Knight at Dawn
34Tonight on the Titanic
35There's a Hamster In My Lunchbox
36Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon

1Secret of The Andes
2Doctor Dolittle
3Hank the cowdog
4Knee Knock Rise
5Glass Glown
6The Whipping Boy
7Rocky Road Trip
8Ramona Forever
9Amazing Magnetism
10You cant eat your chicken pox,Amber Brown
11The magic school bus:Chapter Book Electric Storm
12Voyage to The Volcano
13Report to the Principal`s Office
14Magic Tree House #39 Dark Day in the Deep Sea
15Magic Tree House #38 Monday with a Mad Genius
16Beezus and Ramona
18Into the rain forest
19Ramona and her father
20Ramona Quimby Age 8
21Hank the cowdog:the case of one-eyed killed stud horse
22Hank the cowdog:it`s a dog`s life
24Dealing with dragons
25The Report Card
26The Secrets of Droon:In the Ice Caves of Krog
27Geronimo Stilton:The Wild,Wild West
28The Supernaturalist
29Geronimo Stilton:Valley of the Giant Skeletons
30Geronimo Stilton:The Mummy With No Name
31The Search for the Missing Bones

2It only looks easy
3The Family Under the Bridge
4How to Rule the School
5Stuart Little
6The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
7Treasure Island
8Tales from the Arabian Nights
9The Swiss Family Robinson
10Julie of the Wolves
11The Little Prince
12The Pizza Mysery
13A Super Special Cam Jan Sen and the Summer Camp Mysteries
14Charlotte`s Web
15Tuck Everlasting
16Old Yeller
17The Princess Diaries Third Time Lucky
18The Wizard of Oz
19Double Fudge
20Ralph S. Mouse
21The Call of the Wild
22How to Eat Fried Worms
23On the Wings of Heroes
24The Fledgling
25Because of Winn-Dixie
27Bridge to Terabithia
30Ella Enchanted
31The Secret Garden
32Ramona and her mother
33Just So Stories
34Nasty Stinky Sneakers
35Island of the Blue Dolphins

2The Westing Game
3The River
4A Stolen Life
6Shadow of a Bull
7A wrinkle in time
8The story of the amistad
9Johnny Tremain
10When The Boys Ran The House
11Cracker Jackson
12The Phantom of the Opera
13Making It Home
15Morning Girl
16Dear Dad,Love Laurie
17Among the Hidden
18The Family Under the Bridge
19Emma-Jean Lazarus Feel Out of a Tree
20The Great Gilly Hopkins

1Al Capone Does My Shirts
2my brother sam is dead
3The Wind in the Willows
4The Borrowers
5The Secret Garden
6The Crossing
9Johnny tremain
10Bridge to Terabithia
11The Wizard of Oz
12Julie of the Wolves
13The Moving Finger
14little women
15Black Beauty
17The Phoenix and the Carpet
18Irish Fairy Tales
19sara bishop
20moccasin trail

1Pygmalion and Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw
2Adam of the Road
3Chasing Vermeer
4The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories
5Rebecca of Sunnybrook
6THE Birchbark House
7Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
8Robin Hood
9Silas Marner
10the War of the Worlds
11Jo's Boys
12The Time Machine with a new Introduction by Greg Bear
13John Steinbeck of Mice and Men
15anne of avonlea
16Out of the Dust
17Just So Stories
18Caddie Woodlawn
19Animal Farm
20anne of Green Gables




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